Ray Shaw was born in Afton Wyoming 1958. He has lived in most of the western states; Utah, Idaho, Colorado and California. Ray practiced falconry from the age of 15 years old and was caretaker of all wounded birds of prey in Cash Valley, UT at the age of 17.

Ray's paintings are worldwide. The Air Force Academy purchased a Peregrine Falcon painting for their library collection when Ray was only 18 years old. He joined the military and painted portraits of ships at the sea for the Admirals
and Captains of the Seventh Fleet.

For 5 years, Ray painted for tourists in Old Town San Diego, California. Having his own fine art gallery in Bullocks, of San Diego, representing artists of the Southern California area Ray has been in the top 100 in the Nation for the Arts in the Parks competition, having his paintings participate in nationwide museum tours. Ray has had his paintings of birds on his own line of tee-shirts, Feathers 'N Fabrics, based out of San Diego, California. Ray has studied with Robert Bateman in his Master Class in 1990.

Sculpting is another fine art talents of Ray's. Ray currently designs and sculpts artwork for Fountain Creek Productions located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ray's latest piece of work was for "Pheasants Forever", with over 2000 reproductions.

Today, Ray paints mostly for collectors of Wildlife art and has been a major donator for many conservation programs. Ray has deep appreciation for Wildlife and its' habitat, and expresses this through his works of art.