“Brushes, erasers, a palette of paint. Pencils, their sharpener and a blank sheet of paper… the journey is begun! Art as a language can be abstract, though simply viewed it is as honest as air. I look, I see, I put my mark onto the page. Whether executed from familiar objects or the people on my path, each work is hand crafted and composed using a healthy dose of experimentation. With either a complex drawing process or one sweet simple stroke, each image is my moment in time.” Paul VerBurg was born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1956. His pursuit of the “perfect line” began at an early age. His professional art career began in 1977 simply, with black and white imagery, and has grown to encompass several different media and techniques. Paul’s art education included the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and California State University Fullerton. He presently resides “among the tall pines” in historic Prescott, Arizona. “If I’ve learned only one thing in my life it is that there are exceptions to every rule.” “It has been said of my work that I am a painter of mood, a translator of the subtle moments in life – moments that normally pass unnoticed, I record and polish. Like subliminal memories, recognized on a level not necessarily realized, but remembered.” My focus is to record my time – people and objects I encounter, an honest interpretation of the present American West.” Paul’s work has been viewed across the country in many prestigious exhibitions, galleries and museums including the Trappings of the American West, Images of the American West,Masters of the American West, Autry Museum of Western Heritage and the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. Paul has also been a featured artist in the Western Horseman Magazine, Art of the West Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine and the New York Times.