Ever since she was a child, Karen Noles knew she wanted to be an artist. Her talent was recognized and nurtured at a young age. Today, Noles reflects on the encouragement she received as she paints sensitive portrayals of the Native American children she identifies so strongly with. The historical moments of Native American life, as seen through the eyes of a child, are fondly recreated in a Karen Noles painting. Her paintings contain the joy and emotion of growing up in untamed and natural surroundings. Noles paints these children in the colorful backdrops of her resident state of Montana. Gathering her reference material at pow wows, Noles will delicately express the intimate moments she discovers. The intimate moments of innocence Noles paints are truly the treasures of the Native American heritage.

Noles who is accomplished with watercolor, pastel and gouache, has recently begun painting in the medium of oil. Her emotion depictions have taken on new dimensions. The Montana backdrops Noles is so fond of exude more color and light quality while her painstaking attention to detail is more expressive than ever.