Jenny portrays her love for the beautiful scenic mountains of Colorado and the rustic remnants of the past through her art. A native Coloradoan, Jenny Smith has a deep understanding of the mountains and land she loves so well, and has been blessed with the extraordinary talent to transpose her visions and feelings onto canvas. Even as a young child, Jenny would spend countless hours sketching wagons, farm and ranch machinery, animals, people, and any other subject near her home town of Lamar, Colorado that would catch her interest.

Jenny received her art degree from Western State College, graduating summa cum laude. Jenny continued her training through local art classes and seminars throughout Colorado and New Mexico. Jenny began studying with, and later married, Tom J. Dooley, known for his mountain landscapes. You can see the influence of Tom Dooley in her paintings. However, Jenny has a definite style of her own,and is becoming a recognized artist and her work is being collected throughoutthe United States.